4 habits for an alcohol free life

My 4 useful habits for an alcohol free life

When I eventually committed to an alcohol-free life, I embarked upon a meandering road to wellness. The transition didn’t happen overnight but was a one-step-forward-two-steps-back process for a very long time. There were moments of pure elation followed by extended periods of grief when I missed my old friend, wine, terribly. But I’ve finally developed awareness with regards to what’s got me here, and to (of equal importance) what keeps me here in the land of sobriety and contentment..

1.Respect The Body

Exercise used to appear pointless to me because I didn’t appreciate the intrinsic connection between the body and mind. As a species, we’ve not long since left behind a fairly primal existence, where fitness was key to virtually every aspect of our survival from reproduction to seeking out food. Treating our bodies right is what nature wants and expects us to do, and the end result of doing so is that we feel immeasurably better.


2.Train The Mind

An inability to relax and overthinking were major factors in my old desire to drink too much. However, it IS possible to train the mind sufficiently to control cerebral over activity, and we CAN learn to select the thoughts to which we pay attention. Through adopting a mindful approach to life, I’ve come to focus less on past regrets and future anxieties and more on what I’m engaged in right now.


3.Nurture The Soul

When I drank, I did nothing particularly interesting with my spare time except drink. But since becoming alcohol-free I’ve been reinvigorated with a thirst for cultural influences. Now I like to broaden my horizons wherever possible in order to catch up a bit on lost time – travelling, reading books, watching films (which I can now actually remember), and by engaging in other enjoyable alcohol-free activities.


4.Turn Faeces Into Fertilizer

My levels of self-worth were on the floor as a drinker, and for quite some time after I quit too. So many embarrassing drink-fuelled situations had fed into my consciousness and I truly believed that I was a horrible person who was rotten to the core. I would never go back to my old ways, but I sometimes recall how I used to be when drinking just to keep focused on how much things have improved. This has enabled me to move on successfully from a regret-filled past to a self-motivated, confident present. It means that everything happened for a reason.

Living according to these four habits truly helps keep me balanced and happy. With such a positive state of mind, I no longer want to drink away my reality. I hope they help you too.


What habits do you find useful in controlling your drinking?

We’d love to hear your anonymous  thoughts in the comments below.

This post was written by Lucy Rocca

Lucy is the founder of Soberistas. She launched the website in November 2012 after closing the door on a 20-year-long stint of binge drinking. She is Soberistas’ editor, and has written four books on the subject of women and alcohol (The Sober Revolution, Your 6 Week Plan (co-authored with Sarah Turner), Glass Half Full and How to Lead a Happier, Healthier and Alcohol-Free Life). Lucy lives in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

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