The missing link to a balanced lifestyle

Many of us really strive to achieve a balanced lifestyle , such as healthy diet, doing some exercise and seeking a good balance between working life, family and friends. Even having a few drinks, once in a while seems okay.

What if there is no reason?

But, what if the frequency and the amount of those drinks start to increase considerably for no apparent reason? When drinking starts to become something we look forward to more and more, maybe is a good idea to stay mindful and try to understand what is causing it.

Behind every excess there is something lacking

There is a saying:

Behind every excess there is something lacking’.

Sometimes we get into a spiralling drinking habit without even noticing it. It’s not by chance. We all know that alcohol alters chemicals in the brain which produce temporary and artificial relief. It also may feel like a de-stressor, and it can be tempting to turn to it. Perhaps, it would be a good start to ask ourselves if we are trying to compensate for something. Or what would be the missing link to our goal of a balanced lifestyle.

Drinking takes over self-reflection

When drinking takes over self-reflection, we miss a wonderful opportunity to get to know ourselves more and to get in touch with our needs. If we don’t address them, often a knock-on effect happens in other areas of our lives. Things can become so entangled in a pattern of behaviour that finding the root cause will require a real loving and committed effort. The good news is, it can be done.

Find the missing link

It’s worth working towards finding that missing link. It can be some pattern from childhood or something that happened recently, it doesn’t matter. Whatever it is, it is calling for your love and care. Why not try to look inside for the real answers? You might be surprised.

Editor’s Note

The Irish parenting culture from past generations did not encourage looking at or understanding our feelings. This can lead to real problems leading a balanced lifestyle as adults. The research shows behind every problem alcohol use there is a cause or reason. It can be trauma, grief, anxiety or adverse childhood experiences. For more information click here.

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