Carlsberg hangover anyone?

Missing the Euros?  Hardly surprising .  A massive 84% of Irish people tuned in to the Euro championships and advertisers took full advantage to target consumers. Livewire estimate over €4 million was spent on advertising during the tournament. Much of the spend went on gambling and alcohol.Carlsberg was a big advertiser using TV and social media really well.



Alcohol advertising   is banned in France. Carlsberg cleverly got around this by showing the picture above with the word “probably” rather than Carlsberg.  This slogan appeared on the backdrop behind all interviews with footballers and their managers. A quick check with some of my pals showed they all recognised this as a Carlsberg brand, even though none of them are beer drinkers.


Diehard fans drink more

Most viewers are casual,  but the 21% of viewers -the diehard fans, who watch every game spent 39% more on alcohol. This shows how watching football is now  strongly linked to drinking. It’s as if you can’t have fun watching football unless you’re drinking.


Carlsberg are good at getting you to drink more

Carlsberg are masters of advertising as  Econsultancy describes

“I don’t  even like the taste, but somehow I end up drinking it”

They generated over 55% of the Irish sponsor chat on Twitter using witty slogans,  such as

we leave it there so

when Ireland got beaten by France.

Livewire found 22% of people who are aware of the sponsorship are more likely to purchase Carlsberg.


No mention of the downsides

As I’ve described in this post, alcohol advertising aims to creates myths about the benefits of alcohol. That alcohol is an activity that does no harm, that you can’t have fun without alcohol.  That problems with alcohol are normal and nothing to be worried about. That alcohol transforms you and makes you more attractive. That sports and alcohol go together and much much more.


Young children are being targeted

So with all this advertising around us, selling us the benefits of  alcohol,  it’s no wonder we’re drinking too much.  Even children as young as 8 years believe drinking is an essential part of being Irish according to one study.


Ban all alcohol promotions

The facts are that alcohol promotion encourages people to drink more. Why would the alcohol industry spend so much on it if it did not work? We don’t allow other drugs to be advertised, yet they kill far less people than alcohol as the image below shows.




Open your eyes

You might think banning alcohol promotion is an over reaction.  But try this exercise for just one day. Every time you see something   alcohol  related note whether it’s positive or negative.

Positive mentions

  • A brand name on any clothing for example  t-shirt, hat, sweatshirts, sports tops etc
  • A brand name  on merchandise, for example bags, key rings, glasses etc
  • Any advertising on radio, outdoor  billboards, TV, social media etc
  • Any mentions  of alcohol as fun either by your friends, your social media, or TV/radio- “great night, we all got wasted”
  • Any mentions of alcohol in songs you hear  e.g I get knocked down


Negative mentions

  • Any mention of harm from alcohol e.g some one talking about their alcohol problem
  • Any warnings about  drinking too much alcohol
  • Any advertising for alcohol treatment centres


At the end of the day,(pun intended!) are the negative or positives higher? Unless you’re living in a monastery with no access to the outside world, nearly all the time you’ll find the positives are much higher.

Even the other day going up the Hellfire club in the Dublin mountains, at the very top was a bundle of empty beer cans.


 Avoid the hangover

Being  aware of how much the outside world is influencing a positive attitude to drinking  and giving you the wrong messages about drinking is a great tool to help  manage your drinking.

This post was written by Carol

As some who gets hangovers lasting a week, Carol never drank too much - Once she got to a sensible age! However as a patient with an auto immune illness, since she was a teenager she has to drink very little. So she really understands how Irish society makes this very difficult. Carol is responsible for all aspects of Lifewise operations that Valerie and Angela do not cover.

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