Manage your alcohol cravings (Crave surf)

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Cravings for alcohol making you drink more? Want to make it easier to reduce or stop your drinking? Our course gives plenty of practical tips, you can start using straight away. You can complete in 80 minutes

Course By

Valerie Farragher

Valerie is passionate about helping people with alcohol misuse problems and has gone public on her own problems with alcohol appearing on TV and radio. She founded a home based alcohol detox and recovery support service which provides services in Co. Mayo. She is the author of the book “Come back when you’re sober”. Valerie is the voice of Lifewise and ensures all our content and materials are relevant and interesting for all of our clients.


Manage my triggers and cravings

These lessons contain An introduction to triggers and how to identify them An introduction to cravings and how to manage them The different ways cravings can be managed What to do when cravings become overwhelming A guided 8 minute audio meditation to help you “surf your craving” Suggested actions for you to take Three short quizzes to help you take action