My drinking pros and cons (Janus)

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Janus, is the ancient Roman God who ruled over the beginning and end of conflict and hence war and peace. Usually he is shown as having two faces

Just like Janus, alcohol has two faces. There is the fun, glamorous  and exciting face shown in advertising. The social side of drinking with a group of friends. The way your mood and stress  lifts  on that  first drink.

Then there is the dark side of alcohol. Hangovers, irritability, tiredness,  time spent in bed, arguments, money problems, work issues   and health problems.

Our short mini course helps you identify your own personal drinking pros and cons. Once you complete this course you will have a better understanding of the upsides and downsides of your drinking. You’ll also know how to start taking action to control your drinking. So you’ll be able to reduce the cons of your drinking and keep the pros.

Knowing your drinking pros and cons is an important step towards getting your drinking under control. Without knowing your reasons and your pros & cons for drinking, it is nearly impossible to get your drinking under control. This is because your motivation is key to managing your drinking. It is much easier to get your drinking under control when you  understand  the things that are making you drink and the pay off’s  you  are getting from your drinking.

As always, this course is confidential and you remain anonymous.


My Drinking pros and cons course

The course consists of

A short introduction explaining drinking pros and cons

An audio where Valerie explains the pros and cons she got from drinking

A multiple choice quiz with all the pro’s and con’s of drinking  to help you identify your own personal drinking pros and  cons

How to manage your drinking pros and cons in a way that suits you personally.

You can complete in a maximum of 60 minutes






Course By

Valerie Farragher

Valerie is passionate about helping people with alcohol misuse problems and has gone public on her own problems with alcohol appearing on TV and radio. She founded a home based alcohol detox and recovery support service which provides services in Co. Mayo. She is the author of the book “Come back when you’re sober”. Valerie is the voice of Lifewise and ensures all our content and materials are relevant and interesting for all of our clients.