Top tips to reduce alcohol harm

I thought all people who had drink problems were alcoholics and homeless! If knew when I was drinking that it was possible to “manage and control” alcohol and reduce alcohol harm, my life would have taken a very different turn.My belief system growing up was

“be careful with drink because it can get a hold of ya and then you become homeless!”

these and words like it were what I often heard….so this is all I knew.


I drank like all my friends-dangerously

So when I partied with friends at birthdays (and any other excuse we could find to party!) I drank like all my peers…..dangerously. Luckily for me it was the 80s. The jelly shot hadn’t been invented yet!
But all joking aside, if I had been “shown” how to enjoy alcohol and stay safe and well then these  things would never have happened to me.

  • I would never have left a club or party with absolutely no idea how I was getting home and just start hitchhiking!
  • I would never have allowed men to in bars to slap my bottom or try to “cop a feel”.
  • I would never had taken time off work due to sprained ankles, sore backs and/or enormous hangovers!
  • I wouldn’t have found myself at 18 years old, unmarried and pregnant.


Not much has changed

Now it seems that not much has changed since I drank. The only  exception is that we now have taxis, drinks are stronger and women can now report men who grope them.
I naturally grew out of drinking like that, but when the depression came the thought patterns around alcohol hadn’t changed. So I never thought I should have to control it.

Alcoholics were all homeless?

After all alcoholics were homeless.I was a good, respectable woman. ha! If I went back in time and met myself now, I’d slap myself in the face!

  • I decided hiding it was the best option.
  • I decided drinking when the opportunity arose was the best option.
  • I decided “everyone does it”.
  • I decided if it’s going to make me look like one of the women from “sex in the city” I wanted some of that!


The result was a disaster

So please listen to the short audio. It’s  designed and developed with you and your needs in mind. When you have listened to it if you  just answer the short questions, it will help you to get the most out of alcohol, reduce alcohol harm  and less mornings waking up saying “ohhh….nooooo”



Key takeaway

It is possible to drink and  reduce  alcohol harm  to your body


PS Do the quiz, it does help!

Don’t worry the short quiz is totally private and confidential. You’re doing it to help you drink and reduce your hangovers. Unlike  school  there is no pass or fail mark. Answering the easy & sometimes funny multiple choice questions  help you  to understand how to continue drinking while reducing any alcohol harm.

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