We only drink socially on the weekend

So having watched the video you now know you can work hard all week, only drink socially at the weekend and still do damage to yourself if you binge drink. (Less than six standard drinks in one drinking session) Some examples of binge drinking are shown below.


drink socially


Most people who drink are at risk of harm

Numerous reports show the majority of people (over 54%)  who drink are harming themselves.

drinking socially


Traditionally we think people who hurt themselves with alcohol are “alcoholics”. The 177,000 people in the image above  who physically need to drink. But as you can see from the picture above,

most people harming themselves with alcohol are not alcoholics


They are ordinary active busy people like you and me, holding down jobs, working hard, exercising, parenting, caring, volunteering, travelling etc.  But because of all the  alcohol marketing which convinces us there is no harm from drinking we’re unaware  of the risks of binge drinking.


I want to drink socially without harming myself

Here’s a few quick tips to help avoid binge drinking

  • Know how many standard drinks in your tipple of choice
  • Keep count of the number of standard drinks you have
  • Don’t let people top up your glass before it is finished, otherwise you can lose track of how many standard drinks you’ve had
  • Make every second or third drink non-alcoholic
  • Choose drinks with lower alcohol content (e.g. vodka is 40% alcohol, with wines around 12.5%
  • Switch to non-alcoholic drinks when you start to feel the effects of alcohol
  • Avoid keeping up with friends drink for drink, or being in ‘shouts’ or rounds
  • Avoid drinking competitions and drinking games
  • Drink slowly and put your drink down between sips
  • Only have one drink at a time- not shots in between
  • Break up the drinking session- by getting on the dance floor, or stopping to eat some food (preferably not salty or spicy)


The good news

Once you start reducing your drinking, you immediately start reducing your risks. So if 6 standard drinks a session seems too hard to  stick to, start reducing your drinking by even one standard drink.


If you’d like more tips, our free mini course Top tips to reduce alcohol harm will be helpful.

If you’d like to know more about  low risk drinking, our free mini course will be useful.


Key Takeaway

It’s possible to have a good time without binge drinking.

Each time you drink less, you’re reducing the risk of alcohol harm.


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