Stop or reduce my drinking?

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Decisions, decisions…the things that most of us struggle with is making a decision about our health. Do you know we put more thought and effort into picking a pair of shoes than we do our own drinking habits!

Yes, it’s true. How many times have you trolled the internet or shops looking for that perfect outfit, present or holiday?

So why do we do that? Well, it’s because we know what it is we are looking for. We are familiar with what suits us or the person we are buying for. We are comfortable asking for advice about shoes, holidays and even diet products. But when we seek advice as to whether we should stop or reduce our drinking, we avoid it like the plague. I was once told by one of my ladies that she would

“Rather go to the shop  on her  worst bad hair day, in jogging pants and a dirty t- shirt, and bump into her ex with his new smoking hot girlfriend”

than spend time looking at her drinking pattern!

I know exactly how she feels.

It’s like sometimes when I need to address something in my life around my behaviour these things go through my mind as avoidance excuses

My  excuses include…

  1. I don’t want to open a can of worms
  2. Ah….sure it’s not that bad
  3. Oh lord..I’m not rattling that hornets’ nest
  4. How many more things do I have to change
  5. Sound like hard work…I don’t have the strength
  6. I’m going through a bad time…is it any wonder
  7. Everyone has that problem
  8. I haven’t time right now
  9. I can’t afford that
  10. Huh! Let them look at themselves
  11. Just buzz off and leave me alone

Then when we do get the courage to peep inside the door of alcohol management we immediately get bombarded with things like

  1. Alcohol causes cancer, brain damage to the baby in pregnancy, women’s problems and all this serious kind of stuff…

2. Rehab services that follow us around on our computer!  (we don’t do this by the way, you’re safe with us)

3 .Negative and guilt inducing words about mothers & women who drink…


We don’t do negative stuff

All of this makes me want to drop kick your computer out the door!

But guess what….we did all the research, trolled all the website (the positive ones!), talked to international and Irish experts, and talked to our clients about what works.

So you don’t have to be bombarded with misleading stuff anymore.  We believe that negative or scary information doesn’t and never has worked for getting someone to stop doing an unhelpful behaviour. We are all human, deserve respect and to be treated like an intelligent adult capable of making good choices.

So I totally get the reason why you would want to avoid looking into your alcohol drinking habits. However low   or high risk your drinking, the reality is you need to peek in that door. Fear not, though I’m not here to tell you to do it my way.

I’m here to give you help so you can decide what’s best for you. So listen to the audio and then answer the questions to help you decide whether to stop drinking altogether (known as sobriety)  or reduce your drinking (known as moderation)

After all, it’s your life and you should decide what your goals or targets should be.

Key Take Away

Understanding the risk factors and how they affect you, will enable you to the take the best decision for you


PS Do the quiz, it really does help!

Don’t worry the short quiz is totally private and confidential. You’re doing it to help you make the right decisions for you. Unlike school,  there is no pass or fail mark and you’ll get more help straight away. Answering the easy & sometimes funny multiple choice questions  help you  to understand what’s right for you so you can make better decisions that suit your lifestyle so you can be happy.


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