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Depending on your personal alcohol  pros and cons click on the  links below  to read  topics that are  most interesting to you. If you think we’ve  missed out on some of your pros and cons, let us know and we’ll add them to the list. You may need to re- read some of the posts several times before it  really sinks in.

We’ve divided the topics  into four groups.


1.Feelings and alcohol pros and cons

Feelings are huge in alcohol pros and cons. Alcohol can numb feelings which some people see as a huge pro or it can make you feel very depressed. Alcohol can reduce the feeling of being stressed out or it can make you feel more stressed. Each of the links below are  personal stories from other ladies describing their feelings on managing their drinking problem. So you can see you are not alone in using alcohol to manage your feelings.

Alcohol calms my feelings

I felt shy without alcohol

I used alcohol for social confidence

I can feel without being terrified

Was I boring without booze?

Does alcohol free mean low self esteem? 

Sober is easy when I’m happy

I’ve had such a bad day, I need a big glass of wine to relax

Top tips for managing emotion


2. Social life and alcohol cons and pros

Trying to have a social life  without alcohol or even drinking less can be a real problem.  In Ireland over half of people who drink  misuse alcohol. So risky drinking is the norm.  Each of the links below are personal stories on how to cope with a culture that values heavy drinking.

Filling the bottle shaped hole

I gave myself a hangover headache

Heavy drinkers fit in better

I once felt drawn to other big drinkers


3.Physical Health and alcohol

Alcohol can cause a range of  physical health problems.  We’re not doctors so we can’t give medical advice. So these topics are not a complete list but cover some general health issues caused by alcohol.

Alcohol can cause insomnia

Protecting your skin from alcohol damage

Exercise can fill the wine shaped hole

Does alcohol cause dementia?

Symptoms of alcohol poisoning


4.Other useful posts

These are other topics which you might find helpful.

What is your safe drinking limit?

Top four reasons people fail to stay sober

7 Advantages of living without alcohol

Alcohol can harm you even when you don’t drink too much

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