Using my drinking pros and cons

So you’ve completed your drinking pros and cons. What did you find out?

My pros are higher than my cons.

That’s great, looks like you have your drinking under control. Before you continue drinking though, please look at our short video to make sure your drinking is low risk.

If your drinking is not within low risk limits, then even if your pro’s are higher than your con’s’s, you could be setting yourself up for serious health problems in the future.

Finally, before you leave, check out Lucy’s story here on how she thought she was a social drinker with no drinking cons.


My Con’s are higher than my pro’s

You’ve found your drinking is causing you more problems than advantages. Don’t worry, You’ve now taken a really important step towards managing your drinking.

So now using your smartphone or paper, write out your most important pros and cons. Keep this near you and look at it  at least once a day and whenever  you feel an urge to misuse alcohol.


How can I use my pros?

Looking at your pros, think about how you can get these benefits in a less harmful  way. For example, if you think life is boring without alcohol, could you take up a new activity that interests  and excites you? Skydiving maybe? I found changing my house furniture around really helpful.

If drinking helps you sleep,  there are other ways to get a good nights  sleep.

Do you feel more confident when you drink?

In the next lesson, we’ve put together a list of topics that address each of these areas Simply click on the topics  you’re  interested in and you’ll get some more suggestions on how  you can tackle your pros of drinking.


How can I use my cons?

Next looking at your cons, think of ways you can reduce the impact of these problems. For example, if hangovers are a problem, making every second drink water can help. You’ll find more useful tips on reducing hangovers in our short free mini course.

If drinking is causing you problems at work, you might decide not to drink when you have work the next morning.

If you are drinking while driving, you might decide to lock  your car keys away before you start drinking.



If one  of the  pros you picked was you get the shakes when you don’t drink, it is vital you seek medical advice. This is because you may have developed a physical dependence on alcohol.


Key Take Away on Pros and Cons

Reading your pros and cons daily or when you feel like drinking too much can really help you manage your drinking


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