Crave Surf: manage your alcohol cravings


Cravings for alcohol making you drink more?
Want to make it easier to reduce or stop your drinking?
Our course gives plenty of practical tips, from self talk to surfing your craving.
You can start using straight away.
 You can complete in 80 minutes
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Find you’re thinking about drinking all the time?

Do you have a compulsion or craving to drink?

Do you want to stop or reduce your alcohol intake but finding triggers and alcohol cravings are making this very difficult?

Our course gives plenty of practical tips, you can start using straight away to

Identify the things (known as triggers) that make you want to drink

Manage your cravings to drink so it becomes easier for you to reduce your drinking.

Consists of

An introduction to triggers and how to identify them

An introduction to  alcohol cravings and how to manage them

The different ways cravings can be managed or “surfed”

What to do when cravings become overwhelming

A guided 8 minute audio meditation to help you “surf your craving”

Suggested actions for you to take

Three short quizzes to help you take action
You can complete in 80 minutes with the guided meditation available for use any time you need it.


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