Check if my drinking is a problem in 3 quick steps

Step One:  Answer 3 simple questions

drinking problem

Add up your scores and if you score   3 or more you may have a problem with alcohol misuse.

Just one more question for those of you who scored less than 3.


Step 2 :   Estimate the number of standard drinks you have each time you drink

drinking is a problem


Once you know the number of standard drinks.( For example, you drank a bottle of wine last night, so that is 8 standard drinks). Answer the question below.

drinking is a problem


Step 3 : Add up your scores to  all  4  questions

If  your score is less than 3 you don’t have a problem with alcohol.  (Assuming you’re not pregnant or trying to get pregnant.)

If  your total score is 3 or more you may have a problem with alcohol misuse.

But don’t worry, because you’ve come to the right place for help.

There’s no labels or judgements here. Our approach is not about giving up or reducing something you like doing but about starting something new and positive. You are in control and you choose.

Do you  want to give up drinking altogether or do you  want to live a healthier life by reducing your drinking?  Click here to find out all the ways we can help you.