How do I know it works?

How do I know it works?

We’ve developed these programmes using academic research and international guidelines. We’ve then translated the material to have a very human, non medical approach, which does not lecture or dictate.   Research shows these types of programmes are very effective in helping people  stop or reduce their drinking to low risk limits. We constantly measure how  our clients are doing.  As a social enterprise company, our focus is on helping people rather than making profits.


Can you guarantee success?

Whether you are successful in your drinking goals depends on a very wide range of factors including your own motivation and how you use the programmes, so we cannot guarantee success.  What we can guarantee is both our dedication to helping you and the quality of our courses. People who have long years of drinking misuse & attended traditional services have found the materials very useful.  As a social enterprise company, if we believe our full Lifewise program (coming soon)  is not helping you we will help you find another service that best meets your needs. For more information on the type of people who most benefit from  our programmes please click here


Do you  refund fees paid?

You can try out a number of our courses for free before you decide whether you want to pay for courses. We offer a full refund within 7 days if you have not accessed the paid course. Otherwise we do not refund payments unless we have failed to deliver the course material. We can extend your course duration  in exceptional circumstances.

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