You’re pregnant, my friend screamed when I stopped drinking

I stopped drinking

I stopped drinking around April of this year. Apart from the big lifestyle change itself, one of the toughest aspects of the whole process was that people noticed… And wanted answers.


Are you pregnant?

“Are you pregnant!?!?”  One friend shrieked, in a voice that was much too loud for the restaurant we were in.  Others did the awkward ‘ohhh‘ followed by a tentative inquiry as to why. My solution?  It was to be as honest or vague as I felt my relationship with that person warranted. Overall though, some small degree of honest communication usually worked, even if it was just “Health Reasons.”


My best friends became non-alcoholic drinks

Social circles do get smaller when you quit the drink, and I dealt with this by offering other ways of keeping those bonds.  My best friend became non-alcoholic drinks during this period. There’s a sense of inclusion to drinking, and with non-alcoholic ciders, I could sit around with my friends while they’ve got their wine.


I’m not throwing off the vibe of the group

The best part? I still feel like I’m not throwing off the vibe of the group by being the only one without ‘a drink’.  But this can make it easy to cheat, I devised a new strategy. In some cases, offering alternative ways to socialise showed that I was interested in seeing these friends, but in a way we could all enjoy. I’m happy to report that most of them responded positively to it.


Good people were supportive

All in all, I found that people were wonderfully willing to accept and support me.  And if some were pushy or unsupportive instead, I sadly had to realise that they were not the best people to have around me at the time.

….And I’m pretty sure the wait staff in that restaurant still think I’m pregnant.



If you’d like to find out more about non-alcoholic drinks please click here.

This post was written by Sinead NiNuallain

A 20-something would-be writer from Kildare who is navigating adult life through a cheerful process of trial and error. Main interests include baking cupcakes, teamgames, and speaking to pets in a high-pitched baby voice.

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